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Rivian Builds a $5 Billion Electric Truck Plant for More Models

You are currently viewing Rivian Builds a $5 Billion Electric Truck Plant for More Models
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Rivian has announced it is building a $5 billion battery and assembly plant east of a Southern state. It is projected to employ 7,500 workers.

Sources said the plant could, in fact, grow to as many as 10,000 workers. That would make it among the largest auto assembly complexes in the United States. That would rival massive entities such as the 11,000-worker BMW complex in another Southern state. Plus Ford’s 8,600 worker plant in another Southern state.

Rivian – Largest Industrial Announcement

The largest Industrial announcement in Southern state history, Rivian will surpass the 4,400-worker Kia complex. It opened in a nearby city. In fact, the state has had many failed auto plant recruitments. Also, Rivian is going to give Governor Brian Kemp another point to strengthen his claims. The claims reflect that he has been a great steward of the state’s economy. Regardless of the fact even as he does face the Republican and Democratic challengers when he does run for reelection next year.

Incentive Package

A $440 million incentive package from a city in a Southern state giving to lure the Rivian plant during the Summer. Rivian is also considering a Southwestern and Midwest state.

In November, Founder and CEO Robert Scaringe said that the ability to recruit good workers was the most significant factor in the decision. Also, Rivian’s existing plant in another Midwest state, like most of the auto plants which are opening in most recent decades, is not unionized.

Southern states are considering to not likely detail the full incentive package which was offered to Rivian on Thursday. However, the company could max out what Georgia is calling its “mega project tax credit” for the companies that do hire approximately 1,800 people or to invest at least $450 million. Moreover, that could be, in fact, worth $118 million in state income tax credits. Plus, local governments are most likely to abate property taxes.

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