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Shootout at Atlanta Gas Station Caused a Crash: A Man Was Found Dead

You are currently viewing Shootout at Atlanta Gas Station Caused a Crash: A Man Was Found Dead
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Atlanta, Georgia—-Two men were shot about 11.30 p.m. Monday in an exchange of gunfire.


The shooting took place outside a Martin Luther King Jr. Drive gas station. Shootout caused a crash overnight when one of the shooters tried to get away.


One got into a car and crashed into another vehicle on a nearby ramp.


When the police arrived at the place of the crash outside the Quick Mart gas station, the man was dead behind the wheel.


According to the police, the incident started with the argument at the gas pumps.


The vehicle from which the shooting happened sped away from the location, crashed on the ramp and the victim inside that vehicle was dead.


A second man was found with a gunshot wound at the Quick Mart. He was taken to Gran to Grady Memorial Hospital. No information was available about his condition.


Other driver who was also involved in the car didn’t get any injuries. The investigation will be benefited through surveillance footage.


The officers are going to look at it to determine if any charges will be filled.


New details about the car crash will be released soon.


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