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Snowbird Car Shipping

snowbird shipping

Snowbird shipping is what we cover! Are you looking to ship your vehicle from New York to the southern part of the country, like California, because you own a vacation home down there and you want to escape the New York winter? If so, you’re a snowbird, and while that may sound kind of negative it really isn’t. The term “snowbird” is a general auto transport term that is used to describe a customer – specifically, those that transport their vehicles from the northeast to the southeast during the late summer, fall and early winter months to have a nice vacation.

Fall brings crazy weather to many parts of the country, and with holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day all coming with a forty-day span or so, many customers choose to forego shipping until the new year. But snowbirds don’t.

Many carrier companies offer great deals, during the snowbird season, to entice snowbird shippers to book with them. And this makes it even harder to find the good one with insurance coverage and good price. Right? It is a season when every carrier lowers its prices and makes discounts. However, you should not pay attention to very low prices, because if the price is low then the quality will be low as well. But when you are transporting one of the essential things in your life, your vehicle, quality is a very important thing.


Do You Think There Are No Perfect Vehicle Transporters?

Atlanta Car Transport Will Prove You Otherwise!

We are a courier company which pays attention to the customer’s needs. It is a rare thing nowadays, every company does what’s best for itself and not the customer. We are not a selfish company! Atlanta Car Transport cares about its customers the most. We know that our business depends on you and your satisfaction. It is the guarantee of our high-quality work!

Atlanta Car Transport Suggests Few Steps Take for Snowbird Shipping

  • Book early. Make your arrangements in advance to have your choice of shipping dates.
  • Team up with your neighbors and relatives. If you’re not the only one in your northern neighborhood or family heading south to flee the snow and cold, see if you can join in with neighbors and ship an entire truckload of cars together. It will save money and time.
  • Consider the delivery point. You can also save money by having your car shipped by a door-to-door service which Atlanta Car Transport provides as a standard method of car transport.
  • Make sure you’re reachable. If you’re going to be traveling at the same time as your vehicle, make sure your car transport company has your mobile number or knows other ways to reach you.

Book your Snowbird Shipping with Atlanta Car Transport. It is so easy. Request a quote online or call us at (404) 800-6200 and book your car transport right away.