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Superspreading Of COVID-19 Through Atlanta Metro

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Atlanta, GA – A “superspreading” of COVID-19 throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area. These reports come amid a rapid reopening process that has since an abnormally large spike in confirmed cases.

The rise comes amid the reopening process for the city. Where the virus did not seem to slow down or level off, the city began to reopen bars to get their economy back on track.

The cases seem to spread from the cities metro line. With thousands still utilizing public transportation, this created a breeding ground for potential new cases.

The state of Georgia currently has over 88,000 confirmed cases and is rising. For many, the thought of going out and having a drink at a bar, or enjoying an ice meal at their favorite restaurant has been put on hold.

Approximately 2% of the infected have spread to about 20% of new cases. This study shows how quickly just one person can infect dozens. The study also shows that adults under 60 and children are more susceptible to transmission.

Superspreading Has Created Sharp Spike In Confirmed Cases

Along with Georgia, many other states have begun their reopening process to devastating results. In states like Arizona and Florida, the rapid reopening process has also caused massive spikes in cases.

Upon reopening, these states showed videos of packed bars and restaurants. Many patrons were seen not wearing masks or taking any precautions.

With the 4th of July weekend here, many worry that others will not adhere to standard safety practices. Videos directly showcasing the inability to help others stay safe. The 4th is looking to be a massive blow to the progress made by the initial lockdown.

The US being absolutely enveloped in the virus, some are asking if it is necessary to even care. While thousands will continue to die, we pander to those who believe that wearing a mask is a threat to personal freedoms.

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