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Tesla Is A Tad Slow To Test The Waters On Battery Day

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If we had a focus group talk about their expectations for Tesla and Elon Musk’s Battery Day, I’d imagine the shareholders meeting would test low. The highly-anticipated series of announcements had many YouTube viewers disappointed, despite CEO Elon Musk warning Twitter.

In any case, they tried their damnedest to jump through the hoops. Let’s talk about what’s been interesting so far in the still-developing Tesla Battery Day.

Note: At the writing of this article, the live-streaming event is still continuing with new information.

Roadsters, Cybertrucks And Semis! Oh My, Tesla!

They brought out the big boys, being the cars that Tesla currently has in beta mode. This includes the Cybertruck, the big competitor against most pickup trucks today. Also, included is the Roadster, which seems to be a premium cruiser type of vehicle in red paint. On top of that, the Semi, which Tesla touts as an electric vehicle solution to big rig truck exhaust was present in prototype form.

Help! I’m A Stockholder Stuck In This Holding Cell Called A Model S!

Members present at the event were able to watch the whole show from inside Tesla cars. Nice of the company to offer the attendees a slice of humble pie. So far it seems like they’ve been enjoying the show by way of beeping the car horns. I just hope they’ve been getting bathroom breaks.

“Terawatts Are The New Gigawatts!”

Tesla has an internal cell reproduction process that they’re undergoing with the process of the next two years. A manufacturing system will include Silicon. It’s honestly more abundant than oxygen even. They believe that they can make enough of these type of batteries by 2030, using 3 times the Tera-wattage that equals about 15 Gigawatts. Great Scott.

Solving The Money Problem | September 22nd, 2020

You can watch the playback of the whole event through this stream.

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