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The Most Memorable Cars From Television

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The Mystery Machine represents the show and the time period.
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Television has long been a major part of our culture, especially in the United States. The shows we watch define generations and set precedents for the future. They inspire, encourage, and create lasting impressions on people from a young age. In many ways, they can even help shape people. Television shows are also full of icons that can often be recognized by anyone.  Some of those identifiable icons are cars. Here are some of the most popular and famous TV cars!

Flintmobile – The Flintstones

The Flintmobile famously is not operated via gasoline or by electric power like other cars. Rather, it runs the way any prehistoric car would, by foot power! The Flintmobile is often seen on the classic cartoon being driven by the power of the Flintstone father, Fred. Fred’s feet can be seen at the bottom of the car running to move the vehicle.

The Batmobile – Batman

This sleek car has been seen in countless iterations of Batman. However, it first gained recognition from the Batman television show that originally aired in the 1960s. The car left people in awe at its high-tech capabilities, seeming like a superhero itself. The original car used for the Batmobile was bought for $1 and then transformed into the iconic ride that defined a generation.

The Mystery Machine – Scooby Doo, Where Are You!

This animated vehicle with a groovy, hippie-esque design perfectly represented not only the characters from Mystery Incorporated, but also the time period in which the show was set. The original model set the precedent for all future versions, even being the basis for the design of the Mystery Machine seen in the live-action Scooby Doo films.

Munster Koach (Model T/Hearse) – The Munsters

Of course, the kooky horror family that first grazed TVs in the 1960s needed a kooky monster car to take them around. The ‘Munster Koach’ was a hybrid between a hearse and the Model T Hot Rod.

The General Lee – The Dukes of Hazzard

The Dukes of Hazard had a lot of iconic items that defined the show, such daisy duke shorts, which earned their name because of the character Daisy Duke, and General Lee. This car was a Dodge Charger and eventually was just called The General and stood as a famous piece from the 1980s classic sitcom.

Volkswagen T2A – Lost

Lost was one of the first shows that just about everyone watched. It swept through our culture and set a precedent for the drama television category. The show featured an average-looking vintage car, the Volkswagen T2A. The intrigue of the car came from the mystery behind it and from the show’s impact, interest in this vintage model spiked. The actual Volkswagen used in the show was auctioned off and sold for about $50,000.

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