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Three Shootings Occured in Downtown Atlanta Early Friday

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Atlanta, Georgia –  Early Friday, there were a total of three shootings that occurred in downtown Atlanta.

Right before 1 AM today, a police officer was near Forsyth Street when he heard a man yelling.

Marquez Redden was a witness on the scene and interviewed with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution after the incident to tell them what he saw. He said the man was “totally out of it.”

The officer tried to talk to the man, however, the man started to get more and more aggressive. Eventually, one of the cops had to shoot the man in the stomach to defend himself.

Both of them were treated for injuries.

Downtown Atlanta Rocked by Multiple Shootings

When authorities arrived at the location of the scene, something else happened.

A Quick Pick store in downtown Atlanta near their location reported a shooting as well. So, the police officers left the scene and rushed to the store.

A woman got shot in the leg at the store. She was rushed to the hospital and is reported to be in a stable condition.

When cops got to the store, the woman came out running with a bleeding leg caused by the gunshot.

Atlanta police were interviewing some of the witnesses in the store to get the full story of the shooting. They interviewed a 57-year-old woman that happened to be in the store during the shooting.

After they finished with the interviews, the scene was cleared and police went back to the other scene to continue the investigation of the cop that shot the man.

However, shortly after, they heard a few gunshots nearby in the Forsyth Street Greyhound bus station parking lot.

When they went to the parking lot of the bus station, they saw that the victim was the 57-year-old woman they had just interviewed.

This happened around 4 AM and the woman did not survive.

They do not know if both shootings were connected. However, the shooter, 33-year-old Tremayne Mosley, started the shooting in relation to his windshield being smashed.

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