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5 Tips for Truckers Away for the Holidays

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It is hard enough being in the commercial trucking industry and driving for days on end. Let alone find it easy to be away from friends and family with the holidays arriving. Luckily, we have compiled five tips for truckers who are away for the holidays, read them below.

Allow Flexibility

Furthermore, this means being flexible in deciding when and where the holidays should be celebrated with family and friends. You don’t always have control of your schedule on the road, so committing to holiday activities ahead of time but having to cancel it last minute would be a bummer on both ends. That being said, it is better to plan last minute for the holidays, that allows you to reassure your friends and family that you are there to stay and enjoy the celebrations.

Don’t Abide by the Calendar

The holidays will always be on the same day, but that does not mean you don’t have to celebrate on the exact date. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to be home for the holidays, it is always OK to reschedule. Not celebrating on the exact date doesn’t mean you have to skip the holiday either.

Technology is an Abundance for the Holidays

We all know placing a phone call to your loved ones would bring comfort when our on the road, but that shouldn’t be limited. Technology and social media make it possible to see a loved one’s face or their reactions through a screen. As well as make it possible to share what you and others are up to during the holidays.

Find Company

You are not the only trucker working during the holidays or spending Thanksgiving at a truck stop. Many other truckers share the same road with you, so it’s a good idea to get out of the cab and share a meal or a drink with your fellow truckers. Wishing them a happy holiday would make their trip much easier and make everyone feel a little less lonely.

Take the Holidays with You

Lastly, your days on the road shouldn’t feel gloomy. Instead, try hanging a wreath on your grill, listen to Christmas carols, treat yourself to a nice meal. Not being home for the holidays is a bummer but that does not mean you can’t enjoy it on the road either.

With the holidays arriving soon, what do you do to make yourself feel more at home in your cabin or do you have any more tips for our fellow truckers that are out on the road? Let us know in the comments below!

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