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Triple Shooting Near Lounge Marks 103 Homicides in a Southern State

You are currently viewing Triple Shooting Near Lounge Marks 103 Homicides in a Southern State
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A triple shooting is being investigated by police in a Southern state and city after three men were shot and killed near a popular lounge early Sunday morning. Moreover, this incident marking now at least 103 homicides in the local city to date in 2021.

Triple Shooting Occurred in a Multi-Business Plaza

This tragic incident happened in the parking lot of a multi-business plaza. It occurred on the corner of McDaniel Street and Whitehall Street right after 12:30 a.m., police said. Kulture Kutz, The Wing Shack, and Kiss Ultra Lounge are businesses that occupy the plaza.

Police did stress that the shooting did not happen at Kiss Ultra Lounge. Though it was the only establishment open at the time and did not take place within the premises of the business.

Triple Shooting and Injured People

“Though upon their arrival, they located three people who had injuries that were consistent with gunfire. However, none of the incidents did happen inside. Moreover, it was all isolated to the parking area,” said Daniel Genson. Genson is with the Atlanta Police Department.

The police did not know where the three men were going or coming from at this time.

Identifying Victims

However, the police have yet to identify the three victims. Yet they said they were all between the ages of 35 and 45 years old. Sadly, too, one of the victims was also wheelchair-bound. 

Who Pulled the Trigger is the Question

In fact, the police are still working to find out who is responsible for pulling the trigger and exactly what led to this deadly shooting. Multiple witnesses have been interviewed by police and they strongly urge anyone with information to call the crime tip line. 

Homicides Hit 100

On Saturday afternoon, the 100th homicide on Magnolia NW where a man was found shot inside a vehicle and then later died at the hospital.

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