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Valentine’s Day: On The Road

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Valentine’s day is one of those holidays where if you have a loved one, you purchase a card, some flowers and you go out to dinner. Some people put way too much emphasis on the holiday and go above in beyond to show the person they are with that they love them. For those that don’t have a valentine, you’re lumped into a couple of categories:

Spending your day at home, alone complaining about how the day is a Hallmark holiday or just another corporate-sponsored day that manipulates individuals into spending money to feel better OR you’re happy being at home not spending money OR its a day to treat yourself. For truckers with a valentine, sometimes they can feel this way. Fortunately, they have someone back home waiting for them. For those that cannot be around to be with their loved ones, here are a few tips to show your love while you’re away.

Plan Ahead – Surprises

For the working trucker with a sweetheart back home, sometimes a little forethought can go a long way. For many truckers, they know if they won’t be around for the holiday, but it’s okay. There is still an infinite amount of options for showing your S/O that you really care about them. Surprises are typically pre-planned anyway, so this means you can come up with something good.

An idea could be having flowers, chocolate, cards or anything else romantic delivered to their place of work. Other options could include hiring a mariachi band to perform outside of your S/O’s window. We’re throwing a couple “outside the box” ideas here so that it might get your own wheels turning in regards to how you want to express your love.

Send them a Valentine’s Day Song

Most couples have their go-to “we’re a couple” song. So setting a time to have it play on their phone or on the radio can mean the world for them. Taking the time to show someone that you appreciate them means more than being with them at a specific time and place.

Celebrate Valentines Day Another Day!

It’s totally okay to plan your time accordingly. This means that you can celebrate any holiday before or after your trip. There is no law stating it has to be on the exact date. Another thing to note is that most people don’t need a date to express their feelings for each other. Don’t let hallmark dictate your life! Truckers understand and appreciate the time they have with their S/O when they return from their trips. Remember: Distance can make the heart grow fonder.

Valentine’s Day Isn’t For Everyone

Many couples decide that this might not be the ideal holiday and they put their efforts into other (more important) holidays. Often, truckers have families so this might not be the main focus, but a simple gesture can go a lot further than you may think.

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