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WaterBoyz: Attacks From Suspects Selling Water

You are currently viewing WaterBoyz: Attacks From Suspects Selling Water
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Atlanta, GA – WaterBoyz is quickly becoming a term in the city. Videos are surfacing which depicts drivers under assault by teenagers selling water.

From the outside, things look tame. Kids in bright yellow vests are walking through intersections and stop light trying to make a quick dollar by selling water. Unfortunately, this seems to be a setup for attacks.

The issue is causing concern for many Atlanta residents. The level of attack is prompting many to find solace in the Governor. Requests are currently under review for the city to do something about it.

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms states that the kids are up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

Steps are in place to prevent additional violent assaults on residents. An advisory system is under establishment. This is to create a positive and safe environment for teenagers to make money while providing a service for the community.

Antoinette Stevens thinks differently. After an encounter with one of the boys, she was quickly approached by other teens stating “Oh, give me a dollar. Give me some money.'”

She then states that a boy ran up to her car, reached in through the sunroof and tried to grab her purse.

Atlanta “WaterBoyz” Attempted Robbery

“I jumped through the window and tried to get my car. Try to get him to stop. And he drove into oncoming traffic and crashed the car, and then ran,” Stephens said.

The overall implication to act is to enforce a positive impact on young teens trying to make money. With many businesses close, many teenagers are without summer jobs. Switching to alternative means of income is what is the current driving force for many Americans. For teenagers, this might be enough for school books, backpacks, and many other essential needs.

With so much going on in Atlanta, providing a support group for teens who want to earn money seems like the most optimal route.

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