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We Can’t Lose It: 50,000 Job Openings and $5B Investment Chance for Atlanta

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No one could imagine the growth in the economics when New Orleans to be a host for one of the biggest companies in the world with massive new second headquarters and the 50,000 well-paid permanent jobs and 5$ billion in investment. Who needs the headache of all those news people moving in and changing places?


However, how would you feel if the most demanded economic growth program of our times landed in, for example, Atlanta?


According to the Amazon HQ2 handicapping experts, Georgia metropolis is the second tier of competitors in a group behind Dallas, TX and Austin, TX.


Anyways, the state and the city of Atlanta particularly became the most discussed this week after Atlanta’s mayor talked about the plans of global developing changes in the city’s downtown.


A couple of council members were given a few more details Tuesday about the upcoming developing site, known as “The Gulch” that by all means can meet Amazon’s search requirements.


Starting the documentation earlier this year, it was revealed that the new project of improving the downtown part will include 18 building with 9.3 million square feet of office space. Per Amazon’s criteria, it needs up to 8 million square feet of office space for the 2nd headquarter.


At this moment, there are 20 finalists for the potential locations, which includes Atlanta. Back then, over 238 cities have joined the competition, many used promises of the tax break and other suggestions to land the office-giant.


Check out the other finalists listed with Atlanta:

Boston Chicago Ohio
Denver Indianapolis Los Angeles
Miami Montgomery County, MA Nashville
Newark New York City Philadelphia
Pittsburgh Raleigh Washington D.C.
Northern Virginia Toronto (the only city out of the US) Columbus


This project can be a difference-maker for Atlanta’s economic growth and not only that.


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