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What is Door-to-Door Car Shipping?

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Door-to-door car shipping has tons of advantages,
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While doing your research for a car shipping company, you may have seen the option for door-to-door shipping. You assume that, yeah, all shipments start at some sort of door. So what does this mean? And is it better or worse than terminal to terminal? We answer all your questions because we know that door-to-door shipping has tons of advantages, but there are some drawbacks that you should be aware of.

What is “Door-to-Door Shipping”?

Door-to-door shipping is essentially selecting an address to have your car picked up and another address where they can drop off your car for you. It is the option most people choose when shipping their cars. This is because it’s convenient, fast, and sometimes cheaper than terminal-to-terminal shipping, which we’ll get into later.

When you choose this option, you can choose where your car gets picked up. It could be your house, a dealership, or even the home of the private seller you bought the car from. This saves you time and stress. You could potentially get your car picked up while you’re cooking dinner or watching TV in your underwear. Things become easier when they work right out of your driveway. Plus, it could save you money on terminal storage fees.

Limitations on Door-to-Door Shipping

There are some limitations to door-to-door shipping, and unfortunately, these limitations may be out of your control. Many residences in congested cities or small streets may not have the option of door-to-door shipping. The street is just too small to allow the truck and trailer to drive safely on the road. Another issue is that many HOAs have banned auto shipping in their neighborhoods. They don’t like the loud truck that could potentially block traffic. When you call your shipping company, be clear where you want your vehicle picked up, and your representative should be able to tell you if door-to-door is an option for you.

So what’s terminal-to-terminal shipping?

This form of shipping is actually what truck drivers prefer. There is a compound where all shipments depart. People can drop off their cars, and the driver can pick them up when they come. It offers a more flexible schedule if you can’t be there when the driver picks up your vehicle. You may find that quotes for this option are cheaper, which is a huge reason why people pick this option.

Limitations to Terminal-to-Terminal Shipping

The problem when people think this option is cheaper is that storage fees are not included in their quote. More often than not, the storage fees will make this option more expensive. Also, if you’re not there when the driver arrives, that means you won’t be part of the inspection process. This is important because if anything does go wrong with the shipment, it will be harder to set up a claim with the insurance company if the driver missed something. You know your car best, and you should definitely be there during the inspection. Also, so many questions arise when you choose to drop off at a terminal. Will your car be inside or outside? Is there security? Will your car be safe? What are the hours of operation?

Winner – Door-to-Door Car Shipping

Needless to say, door-to-door shipping is almost always the better option. That is, if your street allows this. If not, you can always set up the pickup at another pickup or drop-off location. If there’s one nearby, huge parking lots like a Walmart are always a good option. When you search for an auto carrier, ask if their quote includes door-to-door shipping. Atlanta Car Transport is a fantastic option that includes door-to-door shipping right there in their quote. They have over 16 years of experience and go to houses other companies avoid.

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