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What To Do in Atlanta on September 4th: Festival “The Pianos For Peace” Just Started

You are currently viewing What To Do in Atlanta on September 4th:  Festival “The Pianos For Peace” Just Started
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You may think Tuesday, September 4 is the first day back to work after a long weekend. There is a good news for you. There are plenty of fun activities for you in and around Atlanta on Tuesday.


Want to play the piano in Atlanta? No problem. The pianos are set up around the city this month. For comedy lovers, Meehan’s Public House at Atlantic Station offers entertainment for free.


Have a night full of laughter on Tuesday. 10 or 12 comics will make you laugh all night long. This event is around due to Good People Brewing Company. The event will take place on the first and third Tuesday of every month at the address Atlantic Station, 232 19th St NW, Atlanta.


The festival called ‘’Pianos for peace ‘’ launched its annual outdoor festival and community arts program on Saturday. 50 painted pianos are out there in public for you to play and enjoy.


The pianos are painted by local volunteer artists in collaboration with Fulton County Arts and Culture as well as students and Art teachers at Atlanta Public Schools. The festival will continue through Sep.22.


After the festival painted pianos will be donated to local schools, community centers, healthcare facilities, nursing homes and other organizations that need ones.  Some of the locations of 50 pianos are Piedmont Park, Rialto Center for the Arts, and 10 Marta Station and so on. You are more than welcome to have a look at the full list at


Founder of   Pianos for Peace Malek Jandali came up with the idea of the festival to unite people through music. That’s the ‘’soft power’’ of art to make the arts comprehensive to everybody, and thus uniting them, according to Atlanta based classical composer, pianist and peace activist.


Jandali said as an Atlanta local charity, they transform lives and impact communities through our year-round art programs. He believes it’s about beauty, trust and preserving common shared American and human values.



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