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Women Drivers Are Spearheading Trucking

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Women drivers are entering the trucking industry in full-force. The trucking industry has been in a mix over the past two years. With hundreds of businesses shutting down in 2019, to a continued decline in truck drivers filling the roles of a retirement generation, women have turned up to take the reigns.

Trucking Crisis Provides New Opportunities

There has been desperation for many trucking businesses to recruit new, professional drivers into the fray. The older generation has saved up enough money to retire and has started to do just that. Unfortunately, the trucking industry has been taking hit after hit the past couple years with both fighting of California politics as well as facing the fact that the career isn’t the most sought after anymore.

Trucking Has Changed: Women Step Up

Let’s face it, the industry itself was pretty reliant on male drivers. The establishment of the industry stems back quite a bit, and from the beginning, the industry predominantly established itself as male-oriented. We understand what year it is (2020) and times have definitely caught up. With more and more women moving into industries once perceived as a “man’s job”, most people today are thrilled to accept new drivers.

Better Pay and Better Opportunities

In order for trucking companies to appeal to new drivers, they need to increase the incentive for people to join the industry. Where there is such a gap between the number of people leaving the industry and the lack of new faces, women have been showing up in force in order to take the reigns and sit behind the wheel of a truck. With better incentives like higher pay, better benefits, and increased time with the family, this has brought in a drastic increase in women drivers.

Women Drivers: Prove The Industry Can Rely On Them

It seems to be a refreshing new start for the commercial trucking industry as the potential workforce shift has gone in favor of women. The new year has seen some changes and in terms of the trucking industry, this has become a prevalent one.

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